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Wear the Trend: Baggy Jeans

By Laura Leiva
  • Apparel for Women
After years of wearing skinny jeans and low rise pants, baggy jeans are a welcome reprieve for many. But there’s one question so many have about these baggy, slouchy styles – how do you wear them? 

Whatever your personal style, there’s a way to wear the trend. 

·       Go with a classic look. Channel your inner 90s Wall Street and pair baggy jeans with a simple t-shirt and blazer. For added polish, a pair of leather flats or loafers work exceptional well – or pair with a simple tennis shoe for a weekend look. 
·       Oversize everything. There’s a certain comfort level that comes with wearing baggy jeans. Pairing jeans with an oversized t-shirt or sweater and jogging shoes keeps things extra cozy. 
·       Balance with smaller tops. Afraid of baggy jeans looking too big? Use the 90s inspo of cinching in the waistline with a thick belt and wearing a crop top to balance out the silhouette. Platforms or chunky boots finish off the look!
·       Add this for a crisp look. Nothing pairs better with baggy jeans than a crisp, white button-down. Offering that perfect complement to jeans, this is a look that works for weekends or day trips – add some gold jewelry to accessorize (but keep it simple). 

Baggy jeans are more versatile than you might imagine. Try out this trend with a number of tops or sweaters to keep the look in rotation all year long!